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Christine Harwell

For those who have sued or been sued in the past, or those of you who have watched their employer, neighbor or family members who have been caught in the throes of fighting a lawsuit, you know it can be a roller coaster ride of angst resulting in loss of time and money.

Mostly it is a loss of the freedom to carry on with your life; it hurts your business objectives because everything else in your life gets placed on hold. “Winning” by both sides is the ultimate objective. The problem is that often “winning” is just too costly. It does not compensate you for the time and money freedom you could have had that is lost forever once you put on your court case.

 I had a client whose “simple” case lasted eight years. It cost greatly in discovery fees, expert witness and travel costs. He was subject to ridicule by a formidable high-priced law firm his foe had retained and it took all his mental strength to carry forward despite the unrelenting personal sarcastic attacks he got endured during the process. We ultimately “won” stunningly after a six week jury trial, but when our victory was appealed my client decided it was just too taxing to go on – the case settled